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Cooking Guide and Tips...

The Auspit cooking system is designed to cook almost anything anywhere to it's traditional finest.
The range of food product extends from entrees and snack to main meals, vegetables, even some new desserts you've never heard of.
Our design concepts are unique worldwide and will give you the leanest fat content in the cooking process producing the finest flavours.

Heat Ratings...
Heat source can be wood or solid fuel beads and is intended only as a guide.

Open Fire...

  • Low heat         250 - 300mm from heat source
  • Medium Heat  150 - 250mm from heat source
  • High Heat       100 - 150mm from heat source
  • Keep warm     400 - 450mm from heat source
  • Bread proving 500 - 600mm from heat source


  • Low heat         - 150mm directly above the firetray
  • Medium Heat  - 100mm directly above the firetray
  • High Heat       -  50mm directly above the firetray
  • Keep warm     - 200mm directly above the firetray
  • Bread proving - 200mm off to the side of the firetray
  • Accessories...

    • Spitmate   Stainless steel barrel
    • SSS           70mm spike
    • SSL         130mm spike
    • Firetray    1/2 circle stainless steel tray
    • more..       refer to our Accessories page

    Tips for best results...

    • Never leave the spit cooking unattended, if you do, make it brief
    • Ensure spikes are pointed towards the motor to restrict the product from sliding off when the spitbar is on a slight downward angle.
    • An "ideal heat" has been achieved when surface fats and juices are gently bubbling
    • If a meat product starts to reduce in size, stop immediately, it is cooked and is now drying and toughening
    • Practice is the key to good spit roasting
    • Meats can be maintained to enhance flavour.  See our recipe pages...
    • Start with a cooking height approximately 400mm from the fire, it can always be lowered should it be cooking too slowly but once food is burnt, it is burnt! See our Fire tips page