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* Testimonials *

Pat Callinan-
I feel sorry for my camp oven. It's served me well, but it's gonna gather dust and rust under my house now that I've had a crack at the Auspit.
The meat tastes so much better and tender, and there's virtually no washing-up either.
It's dead easy- I managed the perfect roast my first time. Five star dining under the stars I reckon.

-Pat Callinan's
            4x4 Adventures

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Boiling Billy Publications
We wish to send our congratulations to you on a great product, the Auspit. We've recently used the Auspit for the new addition of our book Australian Bush Cooking and whilst away field researching, and found the Auspit compact and easy to pack. Cooking with the Auspit was a breeze, as the spit rod was easy to manoeuvre up and down and to swing away from the fire for basting.
Our favourite cut of roast meat is a rolled pork loin and we've never had crackling as good as we had on the Auspit!


-Cathy Savage & Craig Lewis

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Submitted on the Auspit website:
Thought I'd let you know what i've done with the auspit.
Attached it to our wood fired oven.
Here's the youtube video. (with sound)
Love the Auspit.


-Mark England

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Ron and Viv Moon-
We have used the Auspit on numerous trips, feeding 4 to 24 people and found it works very well and packs easily.
It's a good alternative for those who love a good roast.
While working on batteries, they last for ages and the results of roasting all types of meats has been great.
It's now a permanent part of our camping kit.

-Ron and Viv Moon
4X4 Australia

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Outdoor Retailer Trade Show
Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
This is a video of the Designer and Managing Director of PMT Leisure, Mr Rhett Thompson, at the Outdoor Retailer Trade Show showing the Americans how it's really done.

American Outdoors,
Mr William Rogers

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George B-
Love my Auspit, do you know they get you pissed?!

George B
Grader Driver
Outback North QLD

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Customer Feedback

Submitted on Australian 4WD Action Forum
I swear by my Auspit. It has racked up a lot of miles both camping and in the back yard (made a small fire pit for it out of a keg cut in half length ways) and it just keeps on going! I bought the "spitmate" vege gizmo a little while ago and its working out a treat. Everytime we head out bush we end up convincing someone to go and get one! Best roast pork ever!!!

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