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Auspit is the new Australian cooking system that has made it possible for you to cook almost anything, anywhere, without the stress.

Battery Size:

2 X ‘D’ size

How long do the batteries last?

  150 hours approximately with heavy duty batteries.

 Maximum weight loading at the spitbar tip?

8 kg of gourmet cooking for 1 to 20 people dependant on serving portions

Where can I purchase more accessories?

Auspit is supported by over 120 authorised distributors nationally within Australia, including website order ability.

Auspit is also available in USA, Canada, Mexico and now also Europe.

Why is Auspit simply so good?

• All cooking is visual apparent, with no hidden guess work.

• Fully adjustable height control and spitbar swing action allows you to increase or decrease heat to golden cooked perfection.

• No work is required, giving you more time for relaxing.

• Food product is subjected to gentle wood smoke infusion giving unique flavours and tastes. See our fire section for more information.

Auspit, Auspit Stainless Steel, Spitmate and Firetray can cook the following:

See our recipe section for more ideas.


Roast meats- pork, lamb, beef, marinated spare ribs, venison, goat, prawns, and toast.

Desserts – cinnamon apples, Hot toffee oranges, honey peach or pear, marshmallows


Heat source for the Auspit when no ground fire is suitable or available. Can be used with Wood, Charcoal or Solid fuel beads.

Can be used as a cooking utensil for frying or casseroling when over a ground fire.

Made in 304 stainless steel


Vegetables- potatoes, carrots, pumpkin, corn, capsicum, tomatoes etc..

Stir fry, bread and bread rolls.

Roast cashews & chestnuts.

Bacon, sausages, t-bone, lamb chops.

Made in 304 stainless steel


For any further questions, feel free to enquire through our 'contact us' form found at the top of the page

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