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* Operations Guides *

The following Operations Guides are available for download. They are in 'pdf' format and require a pdf reader to view and print. Adobe Acrobat Reader is available as a free download from

  • Auspit Operations Guide (pdf - 202Kb)                     Click here to Download .PDF
  • Spitmate Guide (pdf - 176Kb)                        Click here to Download .PDF
  • Firedish Guide (pdf - 161Kb)                                                    Click here to Download .PDF
  • Firetray (Firetrough) Guide (pdf - 50Kb)         Click here to Download .PDF
  • BBQ Adapter Horizontal Guide (pdf - 58Kb)     Click here to Download .PDF
  • BBQ Adapter Vertical Guide (pdf - 59Kb)          Click here to Download .PDF
  • Replacement Parts Guide (pdf - 50Kb)           Click here to Download .PDF
  • Spitmate Kit Guide (pdf - 70kb)                      Download pdf

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