Making the Perfect Australia Day BBQ: How to Cook a Delicious Leg of Lamb

This image shows delicious Leg of Lamb


Nothing says 'Australia Day' like a delicious leg of lamb slow-cooked to perfection on the Spit Rotisserie. But, in true Aussie fashion, there's more to it than just throwing some meat on the barbeque! If you want your barbeque to stand out from the crowd and create memories that will last long after Australia Day, you must learn how to prepare that particular leg of lamb - with softness and flavour to spare. 


This image shows Leg of lamb cooked on Auspit


In this blog post, we'll show you how to make a spectacular feast right from your Auspit Spit Rotisserie, improving your classic rotisserie abilities and impressing family elders on all counts! This January 26th, get ready for an Australian cooking masterclass focused on preparing the ideal plate of scrumptious roast lamb. So grab a pair of tongs and let's get started!


Today we prepare a 1.5kg leg of lamb that the butcher has deboned and trussed. If you like to cook with the bone in, you can do so; it only makes it easier to attach to the spit, cook, and carve. Today we're seasoning our lamb using Sheared and Seared by Boomas BBQ, and I prefer to remove the butcher's twine and rub it inside to give it maximum taste. Another advantage of cooking a deboned leg or shoulder is that you can get right into the core.


Put the twine and place it on the spit once it has been rubbed.


This image shows leg of lamb being rub with Boomas Sheard and Seard BBQ Rub


I'm expecting a 90-minute cook time for a piece of meat this size. However, we are cooking to a temperature rather than a timer.


This image shows basting the Leg of Lamb with Lemon


To keep our piece of lamb moist, baste it on a regular basis with a mixture of lemon juice and olive oil (using a basting pot and brush). 


This image shows basting the Leg of Lamb using Basting Pot and Brush


The lamb looks and smells great after 90 minutes of cooking. As nice as this appears to be, we don't know how it's tracking on the inside without testing the interior temperature. I like an instant-read thermometer and aim for an interior temperature of 60°C. 


This image shows Delicious Leg of Lamb cooked on Auspit


Let's take it off the spit, cover it, and set it aside for 15 minutes.


This image shows tasty and delicious Leg of Lamb


After it has rested, slice it up and serve.


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by: Michael Wilkie