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Auspit Compact Portable Camping Spit Rotisserie Package - Silver

Portable, Compact and Designed in Australia

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Auspit Stainless Steel | Compact Spit Roast Kit made with 304 stainless steel, it is ideal for areas where rusting is an issue.

Auspit Compact Portable Camping Spit Rotisserie Package - Silver

Model: AUS

The Auspit Compact Spit Roast Kit - Silver is battery operated and can cook up to 8kg of meat. It is unique and easy to use. 

  • You can swing your food away from the fire to carve, adjust or based your meat
  • It is portable, compact and easy to setup
  • Full stainless steel portable outdoor rotisserie package made with 304 stainless steel. Ideal for areas where rust is an issue.

The Australian patented carrier bracket is the key component that separates the Auspit apart from the others that have tried to copy this system and sell it on the Australian market. Together with the squeeze lock, It allows you to adjust the height of the skewer for the ideal cooking height over the fire and allows you to swing the skewer over the fire and then locks in place so it can't slowly swing away. The counter leaver skewer design in the carrier bracket ensures minimal strain is placed on the drive motor bush, giving this spit great efficiency, improving reliability and in turn also improving the longevity of the motor.

This is an image of the auspit stainless steel compact spit kit  cooking a chicken oven an open fire while out camping with the ocean in the background

A little bit of Auspit history- This great little portable rotisserie kit was designed and manufactured by an Australian engineer and bushman Rhett Thompson. His love of camping and the great Australian outdoors got him pondering one evening while turning his snags. He wanted a compact, portable and easy to use spit roaster that would sit there working on the side, cooking up dinner while he was free to enjoy a beverage and have a yarn with his mates. After a few prototypes, Rhett came up with the current design and his mates branded it "The little Aussie legend". 15 years later, it is still the same design enjoyed by thousands of campers all around the world. The carrier bracket is a patented design that uses the squeeze lock to stop the meat slowly swinging around away from the fire if the upright post is not perfectly vertical. The skewer is held in place between 2 nylon supports in the carrier bracket ensuring you don't put up with an annoying squeal while cooking, this also lets the motor hang free removing all unnecessary strain. 

This image shows a comparison chart for what is included in each of the auspit portable camping spit models


  • Patented carrier bracket for improved reliability and functionality 
  • Quick to assemble and dismantle making it compact, portable and hassle-free cooking.
  • Stainless steel skewer for easy cleaning and longevity- 1m long, 12mm round 
  • Stainless steel support post   - length 100cm , 20mm diameter
  • 2 x 130mm prongs for holding you meat in pace
  • 8kg capacity battery-operated motor that on average can give you up to 30 hours run time on 2x D-Size batteries
  • Carry bag so you can keep all your bits together and transport them with ease


  • Fits in to carry bag 1050mm x 150mm x 150mm

If you are looking for a complete kit with extra prongs and accessories, take a look at the Auspit Gold | Portable Spit Rotisserie Package

More information on Auspit and its entire range can be found here.

Please note that the Auspit Stainless package only includes what's listed in the features above. The photos in the listing may also show additional accessories that are available separately.

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Note: Firepit and some accessories on other photos are not included.

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