Cooking Cinnamon Sugar Apples and Pineapple in the Auspit Spitmate ( Thumbler)


This is a quick and easy recipe that packs a flavour punch and is sure to please a crowd. They were incredibly tasty, moreish, and zingy, according to our team!




This image shows pieces of apple
  • Make sure not to cut the core of your apple when cutting it into quarters (you could always core the apple first). Once cut into quarters, cut into smaller pieces and set aside.

This image shows pineapple cut into pieces


  • Trim the hard sides of the pineapple and cut it into smaller pieces, similar to the apple, and place both in a bowl. Coat the chicken with maple syrup and cinnamon sugar. 


This image a spitmate tumbler


  • Pour your fruit into the Auspit spit mate (tumbler), insert your skewer, and spin. Remember to keep your fruit high above the fire to avoid burning it, and to check it on a regular basis.


You’ll know when they are ready to serve when both the apple and pineapple have gone soft. Once removed sprinkle some more cinnamon sugar on top and devour!

This image cooked apples and pineapple.



Pro tip: if you’re feeling extra indulgent serve with some vanilla ice cream!

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by: Michael Wilkie