How to Cook Gyros with Chicken Thighs

I'm not sure about you, but I absolutely adore cooking chicken gyros on a spit over charcoal. Because of their high-fat content, thighs are the best choice. I tried making gyros with chicken breast and found it to be too dry.

One of the best things about using chicken thigh instead of lamb is that it requires very little preparation. Simply flatten each thigh with a sharp knife until it is about 1cm thick. I know some people don't bother, while others simply pound it flat with a meat tenderizer.


This image shows chicken gyros cooked on auspit


After you've flattened it out, sprinkle it with your favourite BBQ rub. The Flaming Coals gyros rub is something I created after tinkering with the recipe for a few years. After testing it at several of our BBQ Masterclass events and receiving rave reviews, I decided it was time to bring this flavour-packed shaker to the market for everyone to enjoy.






by: Rhiannon Peterson