Spit Roasting to Perfection: How to Cook a Delectable Whole Snapper Fish for Your Australia Day BBQ

This image shows delicious Whole Snapper Fish for Australia Day


Australia Day is a great occasion to fire up the Auspit Spit Rotisserie and try something new! Nothing could be more iconic than grilling a traditional full snapper fish on the Barbie if you're looking for a true Aussie BBQ experience. 


This image shows Whole Snapper Fish cooked on Auspit


There's something very rewarding about perfecting the technique of roasting an entire fish, skin and all! We'll walk you through every step of the procedure in this blog article so you can master this delicious dish in time for Australia Day festivities. So grab your rotisserie and let's get started!


A 600g pinky, or young snapper, was taken right here in Port Phillip Bay.


It's already been gutted and cleaned, so all that is needed is to season it.


This image shows Whole Snapper Fish being seasoned with Scout Butchers Axe BBQ


We're using Scout by Butchers Axe BBQ today, and to help the rub stay, cover the snapper in olive oil before applying the rub both inside and out. If you want to add some more flavour, stuff the snapper with garlic, thyme, rosemary, or lemon segments. But for now, I'll keep things simple.


Now that the snapper has been thoroughly rubbed, it's time to place it in our spit rotisserie basket and place it on the Auspit.


This image shows Whole Snapper on Rotisserie Basket


I'm expecting a 1 hour cook time for a snapper of this size.

Our snapper has been cooking for about an hour; I guess it's time to check on it.


This image shows Snapper fish being cooked on Auspit


Take a look at the colour of that. We've finished. It's time to remove it.



This image shows cooked Snapper fish with Lemon


Serve right away and enjoy!


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by: Michael Wilkie