The Auspit Expert's Guide to Cooking Prawns on Australia Day!

This image shows Delicious Prawns for Australia Day


We all know that Australia Day isn't complete without a traditional BBQ, and prawns are always a popular choice! Unfortunately, it is all too simple to overcook your exquisite prawns. Don't worry, with these expert instructions at your fingertips, you can satisfy even the pickiest diners! Continue reading to learn how to make some delicious barbeque prawns for an incredible seafood experience and Australia Day celebration!


This image shows Prawns cooked in an Auspit for Australia Day


We've all heard the expression "throw another shrimp on the barby," so we're going to do the same with prawns today.

Today, we're seasoning the prawns with the Flaming Coals Gyros Rub, a terrific all-purpose Australian rub. I feel that tossing the prawns in a dish with the rub and tossing them through is the best method to season them.


This image shows prawns seasoned with Flaming Coals Gyros Rub


Once the prawns have been thoroughly rubbed, thread them onto a skewer and place them on a hot grill for around 10 minutes.


This image shows prawns on kebab skewers


When one side begins to change colour, flip it over and cook the other side.


This image shows prawns on a kebab skewer


Prawns are one of the more difficult foods to get wrong on a grill.


This image shows Prawns with lemon and Flaming Coals Gyros Rub


When they're done, remove them from the grill and serve immediately! Enjoy!


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by: Michael Wilkie