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Jumbuck Ultimate Spit Accessories

Must Have Accessories for your Bunnings Spit

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The Ultimate Jumbuck Spit Accessories includes Gyros Plate, Spit Rotisserie Multi-Use Basket, Double Ended Rotisserie Fork/Prong, Flaming Coals Traditional Lamb Rub & Greek Gyros Seasoning. Expand the possibilities of your Jumbuck Mini Spit

Ultimate Jumbuck Spit Accessories


Expand the possibilities of your Jumbuck Mini Spit with this pack of must-have rotisserie accessories. 

The Ultimate Jumbuck Spit Accessories includes the following:

  • 2x Stainless Steel Souvlaki Gyros Plate 10mm
  • 1x Greek Gyros Spit Roaster Seasoning
  • 1x Stainless Steel Rotisserie Basket
  • 1x Double Ended Rotisserie Fork/Prong - 10mm Square
  • 1x Flaming Coals Traditional Lamb Rub


Stainless Steel Souvlaki Gyros Plate 10mm

Model: GD07

Stainless Steel Souvlaki Gyros Plate 10mm assists in affixing gyros onto your skewer. Just squeeze your meat in between two disks and they work as well as a prong/spike, only it's easier to carve the meat because there aren't any spikes to avoid.


  • 10.5mm square collar
  • 15cm diameter
  • 1mm thick
  • 304 food-grade stainless steel

Greek Gyros Spit Roaster Seasoning


Greek Gyros Spit Roasting Seasoning is an amazing addition to your lamb and chicken gyros. After years of catering for large groups of people, Greek Gyros seasoning has been perfected and available for you to try at home.

Size: 272g

Spit Rotisserie Multi Use Basket


High quality Spit Rotisserie Multi Use Basket suitable for BBQs and rotisseries. Great for cooking anything that you can't cook on a skewer such as chicken wings, fish, sausages, vegetables, butterflied chicken and so much more. The adjustable width of the stainless steel basket makes this spit roasting accessory extremely versatile for a huge range of cooking options. 


  • 304 food grade stainless steel construction
  • Adjusts thin to suit fish or thick to suit whole potatoes
  • Multiple width settings
  • Suits a variety of rotisserie skewers from 6mm to 12mm square
  • Easy to clean with dishwashing liquid

Small 4 prong Rotisserie Fork for Chicken - 10mm square x 2

Model: PRSS06_2

Small 4 Prong Rotisserie Forks for Chicken is suitable for affixing chickens, gyros, rolls of meat or pretty much any meat other than whole animals to a skewer. The long screw nut ensures you can fasten the prong tightly to the skewer to remove movement while cooking. Suitable for square spit roast skewers up to 10mm square in size. It Will suit 6mm and 8mm square skewers also as the locking nut is long enough to penetrate through to the skewer


  • 10.5mm square collar
  • 6.5cm height
  • 11cm long side
  • 9cm short side

Flaming Coals Traditional Lamb Rub


Flaming Coals Traditional Lamb Rub is a full-flavoured blend of herbs and spices making it the perfect companion for all lamb dishes.

Net Wt. 265g


Brand Flaming Coals
Shipping Weight 4.5000kg
Shipping Width 0.200m
Shipping Height 0.080m
Shipping Length 0.420m
Shipping Cubic 0.009800000m3