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Mallee Root Lump Charcoal for BBQ Spit Roast Cooking 20KG by Flaming Coals

Chemical free, Sustainably sourced & made in Victoria

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Our Mallee Root Lump Charcoal for BBQ Spit Roast Cooking is chemical free, sustainably sourced and the best charcoal available for spit roasting.

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Mallee Root Lump Charcoal for BBQ Spit Roast Cooking 20KG

Model: Char

We are the Melbourne distributors of Mallee Root Lump Charcoal for BBQ Spit Roast Cooking 20KG. Mallee stump lump charcoal is medium to hard density and the sizes of the lumps can be as big as basketballs. Don't worry this doesn't make them unusable, if you do come across one of these then a simple knock with a hammer will shatter them into more user-friendly sizes. Mallee root lump coal does not burn as hot as gidgee which also makes it great for using as a coal bed in your charcoal bbq. The heat produced is the ideal temperature for char grilling where you can cook the meat all the way through without burning the outside and leaving the inside raw like some of the other lighter faster-burning coals available in Australia. 

This image show a spit roaster cooking gyros above some hot mallee root lump charcoal

If you're worried about excessive ash production, then Mallee root charcoal is what you need to use as it has one on the lowest ash producers in comparison to other natural charcoal available in Australia. 

Our Mallee lump coal is chemical-free and sustainably sourced from the border of NSW and Victoria. It is screened over a 30mm sift to ensure you have minimal crumbs. The average size is approximately 70mm but much larger lumps can also be found in the bags. Charcoal is also fragile so the bags will always contain smaller crumbs as the coal breaks during transport. Don't believe any retailer that claims all their coal is large with no smaller crumbs. 

The benefit of Mallees odd sizes and shapes is that the charcoal burns for different lengths of time meaning that it won't all burn out altogether at the same time. This makes it the only and best choice for spit roasting. This is also a great benefit when used in ceramic cookers such as big green eggs and komodos, you can get consistent temperatures and long cooks without the need to dismantle everything and add more coal. 

If you need a more dense and hotter burning natural coal then we would recommend Australian Gidgee lump charcoal. This Gidgee lump charcoal is ideal for use in smokers.

Sold in 20kg bags.


SKU Char
Barcode # 9348676001978
Brand Flaming Coals
Shipping Weight 20.0000kg
Shipping Width 0.450m
Shipping Height 0.200m
Shipping Length 0.850m
Shipping Cubic 0.076500000m3