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Cast Iron Burger Grill Press - Flaming Coals

Cast Iron Grill Press, Burger Press, Steak Weight

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If you are looking for a way to speed up your BBQing, keep your meat flat, lock in moisture and produce the best burgers in town then the Flaming Coals Cast Iron Burger Meat Grill Press is what you need

Flaming Coals Burger Press


If you are looking for a way to speed up your BBQing, keep your meat flat, lock in moisture and produce the best burgers in town then the Flaming Coals Cast Iron Burger Grill Press is what you need. Simply preheat it on your bbq and then place it on top of your food. This process shortens the cooking times by up to 25 to 30%, as well as trapping in the moisture so you can enjoy crispy yet moist burgers.

Burger meat presses can also be known as grill presses, steak weights and bacon presses. They are all the same thing so don’t go out buying one of each. Even though they are predominantly used on outdoor BBQs, you can even use them indoors on your skillet over the stove.

The Flaming coals cast iron grill press comes pre-seasoned however if you wish to give it a good clean before using it then you will need to re-season it. You will find those instructions below.

How to use a burger grill press:

  • Before each use wipe off any of the excess oil that may be left on it from storage.
  • Place your burger grill press on your BBQ grill directly above the heat. Pre-heat your grill and once your desired grilling temperature is achieved move your press off to the side. (Even though the grill press has a cool touch handle, we always recommend wearing gloves to avoid any accidental burns)
  • Place your food on the grill and then place the press on top. There is no need to put any excess pressure on the press, let gravity do its job.
  • Cook your food as you normally would however don’t forget the cooking times will be reduced so flip your food a little sooner than normal.
  • Having an instant-read food probe to check the doneness of your food will make your life so much easier. We recommend the Instant Read Thermometer
  • After you have finishing cooking, leave the grill press on the grill surface and let them both cool down. Once the press has cooled down then it can be cleaned with a paper towel. If it has food stuck to the face then clean it with a stiff brush and hot water. (using detergent or metal brushes will scratch and remove the seasoned coating)
  • When the press has cooled and dried, give is a light coat with cooking oil before storing it.

An image showing a charcoal bbq and burger patties being pressed down using a cast iron burger grill press

How to season your cast iron bacon/burger grill press:

  • Heat up some vegetable oil in a skillet and sit the bacon/burger grill press in it face down
  • Remove the burger press and distribute the oil all over with a paper towel
  • Place the bacon press back in the oil and keep it in there “cooking” for 20 minutes
  • Switch of the flame, remove the burger press and let it cool slowly on a paper town
  • You have now seasoned your bacon press


  • Pre-seasoned for instant use
  • Heavy duty cast-iron base for even heat distribution and heat retention
  • Chrome-plated spiral cool touch handle so you don't burn yourself
  • Cooks quicker as you're cooking from both sides at once
  • Simply wipe to clean

Grill press Specifications:

  • Length: 23cm 
  • Width: 13.2cm at the widest point and 10cm at the narrowest point
  • Weight: 1.28kgs


Barcode # 9348676002623
Brand Flaming Coals
Shipping Weight 1.5000kg
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