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Deluxe Campfire Swinging Grill by Auspit

Swinging camp grill & hotplate combo by Auspit

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The Auspit Deluxe Campfire Swinging Grill kit is a unique cooking grill design that folds up to limit space taken during transport.

Deluxe Campfire Swinging Grill


Let face it, you can't go camping without the need to cook and with limited space available to take all the gear you want, it's essential to choose your equipment wisely. The Auspit Deluxe Campfire Swinging Grill kit is a unique cooking grill design that folds up to limit space taken during transport.

The campfire swinging grill kit includes the folding grill that unfolds to 68 x 32 cm in cooking space giving you plenty of room to cook for your entire camp if needed, the post clamp gives you easy 2 finger height adjustment, an aluminium hotplate that fits onto the grill to expand your cooking possibilities, a solid stainless steel upright support post for everything to mount on, food tongs to turn your food, some heavy-duty insulated leather gloves just in case things get too hot or you need to move some hot burning logs, a stubby holder to keep your beer cold and a bag for everything to go in during transport.

This image shows robs being carved on a stainless steel folding camp grill

To use, simply hammer the support post into the ground near your campfire, a depth of around 8 inches is usually enough, next squeeze the springloaded post clamp onto the support post to your desired cooking height. The post clamp can be used with the flat side up to give your grill 360° of free-spinning rotation or with the holder up that lets you lock the grill in place. After the post clamp is in place, unfold the cooking grill and slide it onto the pole. You are now ready to cook, swing the grill away from the fire, load it up and then swing the grill back over the fire. No screws need to loosen to rotate the grill as the grill rests on the post clamp and if you need to adjust the height during the cook, simply squeeze the post clamp and slide it to your new cooking height. This can all be done with the grill still on the support post.

This image show the Deluxe Campfire Swinging Grill cooking steaks on the grill, mushrooms on the hotplate and a spit roast cooking over a fire while camping

After you've finished cooking, everything pulls apart very quickly and packs away for transport in the bag. All components are stainless steel so with care this camping grill kit will last a lifetime. 

Kit Includes:

  • Support Post - Black Length 100cm 
  • Hotplate 340mm x 145mm
  • Large Stainless Steel Folding swing Grill 680mm x 330mm w/Post Clamp
  • Carry Bag 
  • Heat Proof Gloves
  • Stubby Holder
  • Food Tongs

Please note that only the items listed above are included in the kit. Some items in the photos such as the skewer, firepit and motor are sold separately


Brand Auspit
Shipping Weight 7.6000kg
Shipping Width 0.150m
Shipping Height 0.150m
Shipping Length 1.040m
Shipping Cubic 0.012480000m3