Cooking Chicken Gyros with Auspit Gyros Discs

This image shows cooked chicken gyros


Having trouble carving meat on your Auspit? Today we are going to show you how to cook chicken thighs using the Auspit Gyros Discs, they make cooking and carving is a breeze.

Thiis image shows chicken thighs with seasoning


First, start by covering the thighs in a rub of your choice, we chose to use a generous amount of Flaming Coals Greek Gyros rub, which goes great with chicken.


Now slide one disc onto the skewer and tighten, the discs will allow you to set your meat on quickly and easily. Starting sliding the meat on the skewer until you reach the disc, laying in an even fashion, then add the final disc and apply enough pressure to set the gyros.


At this point, we applied some more seasoning for a fuller flavour.



Then position the now full skewer over the coals. The 2mm thick discs are built to withstand the high temperature and will not bend under heat pressure, or warp.


Baste the gyros regularly with a mixture of olive oil, lemon juice and garlic.



Once crispy, cut the outside layer and continue to cook. Continuing to trim each layer as they crisp up.


Then simply serve and enjoy!







by: Rhiannon Peterson